***** Driving school! Alan is a top class instructor, he is patient, understanding and puts you at complete ease but most of all he makes learning fun!!! Learning with Alan has been an amazing experience, I cannot wait for my next lesson!

Nicola Williams, Tottenham
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Gift cards available for birthday/christmas or any other occasion

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Driving Lessons

All of our cars are very lightweight, easy to drive and have dual controls and air conditioning for your safety and comfort. We have both male and female instructors, all of which are fully graded.

Please Note that whilst under instruction your concentration will never be interupted by mobile calls to your instructor.


Daytime, evening and weekend lessons are available.


Driving Lesson Price List

1 Hour £26
1 Hour (Automatic Vehicle) £28
11 Hours - Manual (paid in advance) £259
(£23.54 per hour)
11 Hours - Auto (paid in advance) £279
(£25.36 per hour)

¹ Only valid to new drivers, i.e. someone who has never driven before.

* Prices correct at time of pulication and are subject to change..


We are also able to offer driving tuition in your own car (manual or auto) at a reduced rate

Gift cards

Gift cards available for birthdays/christmas or any other occasion.

Buy a gift card for a minimum of 10hrs & receive a discount on the normal hourly lesson price. Call Us for more information 07801 833 983

Intensive courses available.

Need to be driving soon? Why not consider our 5day / 10day course? or if you wish and have more time we can offer a course tailored to suit you and your schedule!

Special Offers

Offer 1 Free lesson for recommendations²
Receive a FREE hour for every paid recommendation.²
Offer 2 1 free hour on your 17th birthday³
If you pre-book two hours you will receive one of these hours FREE!³

² In order to receive your free lesson the person you recommend us to must pay for a full lesson and inform the instructor of your name and address so that we know who recommended them. This is for EVERY recommendation!

³ In order to receive your free hour you must book a minimum of 2 hours for your 17th birthday to start on your birthday.