Additional Courses

Refresher Courses

Lacking in confidence, need to retake your test or just haven’t driven for sometime or maybe have a specific problem e.g. motorways, roundabouts, entering/leaving on slip roads, country driving, driving in the dark, parking? Whatever your problem, we can help.

Motorway Courses

If you have recently passed your test, or maybe passed sometime ago but as yet have either no or little experience of motorway driving, this is the course for you.

Cut your journey time and feel in complete control.

Be taught expertly how to gain the extra skills needed to be a safe and confident driver on today’s motorways.

Additional Courses Price List

Refresher Courses (per hour) £32
Motorway Courses (per hour) £32
Refresher Courses (per hour) £34
Motorway Courses (per hour) £34